The hardest part is the leaving... yes, finally everything that could be done was done and on monday we jumped on the bikes and left.


By crossing Austria, Czech Republic and Poland every single thouderstorm was in our way - raingear was a must! Enetering the Ukraine with an very professional and easy bordercrossing changed the weather a bit - we had to get the raingear on an doff twice a day...


Trying Walters offroadtrack ended after two kilometres in the middle of nowwhere. While I was trying to find an intelligent solution a boarderguard on an Ish showed up. He explained us very clear that we have to got out of that area asap! Trying the track later again ended again in the middle of nowwhere and with the loss of my GoPro. The plastic holder was not strong enough for some offroad action.


The goal of the day yesterday was Kiev, but we raech the moloch to early so we moved on. The first hotel after the city came to early, then there was nothing for 200kms. Then a motel but after checking my dirty raingear the owner decided to be fully booked and again 100km nothimg except a thunderstorm. But then, thanks to Walters waypoints a perfect hotel with great food.


Today we only had to do 120kms to Sumy. Nice little rest here since our Visa will be only valid from tomorrow. The largest country of the world is awaiting us tomorrow and many not experenced adventures too...


B ythe way: The F800 Adventures is really a great bike for long distnace travels: Great comfort!