Mongolia, the land oft he extreme



Entering Mongolia was easy, sometimes we did not know what we signed or what we were waiting for, but in the end, it was easy. Waiting for the insurance we got asked by a high rank officer oft he border police if we want to exchange some money. Since the border post was in the middle of nowhere (no bank in sight fort he next 100km) we decided to do some exchange with her. She entered on oft he poor houses, disturbed a family having lunch, went into their bedroom (6 beds) and their we did the deal. For a very bad exchange rate, but we found out about that some days later  (yes, we did wonder about the high fuel price...)


And then, on perfect gravel roads we are getting into Mongolia, flanked by snow-covered mountains. At the beginning there is every second something new to see and to discover. Great landscapes, animals, GERs with smoking chimneys and solar cells in front of their doors.


But soon, we start struggling. The roads are getting worse and split up in many trails. Selecting the right one is getting harder and harder. Hundreds of kilometres we have to fight with bad washboard roads and there is no escape. The landscape is getting boring, remote, meaningless. We just fight ourselves through.


A bypass around a big waterhole costs us two hours and a lot of sweat, one time we have to load the bikes on a trailer to be carried through a deep river.


Sometimes, the endless kilometres are highlighted by some kilometres of freshly gravelled or even asphalted road, a smile at a gas station or a beautiful landscape.


Exhausted but happy, we reach on day 20 and after 9.300 kms Ulan Bataar. To celebrate this, we are having a long and hot shower and a Wiener Schnitzel at OASIS.


Mongolia, the land where a breath-taking beauty and the exact  opposite are very close together